Improving the accuracy of
Point of Care (PoC) diagnostic systems


PoC diagnostics represent a rapidly growing market where solutions provide rapid turnaround of clinical information to enable faster and more effective treatment decisions. Exacsys’ initial focus is Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG), the most established PoC diagnostic test type, and by far the biggest market segment. SMBG has been shown


to improve management of diabetes and related illnesses and is widely recommended as an important tool for diabetics. However, SMBG testing, like PoC tests in general, can be inaccurate due to a combination of environmental and patient specific effects, as well as variation in manufacturing processes.

Exacsys’ novel patented technology will:

• Improve the accuracy of SMBG and other PoC tests
• Correct for multiple sources of error
• Enable accurate testing in a wider range of settings
• Be compatible with existing commercially available systems

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